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Am I entitled to compensation as my flight has been cancelled?

We are sorry that your flight has been cancelled.


If your flight has been cancelled within 14 days of departure or been subject to a significant delay of over 3 hours and the flight was due to depart from the UK or Europe then you may be entitled to UK261 (formerly known as EU261).  You may be entitled to some incidental costs as a result of the cancelled flight.  For more information please visit our Disruption site here


As Guernsey and Jersey are non-EU jurisdictions, are not within the scope of UK (formerly EU) legislation and Blue Islands is a non-EU/UK air carrier, EU261/2004 and UK261 does not apply to Blue Islands flights departing the Channel Islands. Therefore, passengers booked on a cancelled or delayed Blue Islands flight departing Guernsey or Jersey are not eligible for compensation or the provision of accommodation/additional expenditure. We suggest contacting your travel insurance provider to claim any costs incurred.  For more information regarding disruption when departing The Channel Islands (including local hotel and taxi contacts) please click here