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Can I carry sporting equipment or musical instruments?



You can use your included 23kg hold luggage allowance for your sporting equipment.

As there is limited capacity for sporting equipment in the aircraft hold, if you do wish to travel with surf boards, skis, bicycles or other items of sporting equipment or objects of an unusual size, all you need to do is contact our Customer Care team and tell us which you would like to check-in as hold luggage.
If you have booked a Blue Fly fare, you have 1 x 23kg hold luggage allowance, if you have a Blue Plus fare, you have 2 x 23kg hold luggage included, additional hold luggage items can be added to your booking for £20.

Sporting Equipment items you should contact our Customer Care Team about are:


If you wish to travel with your golf clubs these can be carried as your included 23kg hold luggage allowance. There is a limit to the number of golf bags we can carry on a flight.



If you wish to travel with your bicycle, in a suitable bag, this can be carried as your included 23kg hold luggage allowance. There is a limit to the number of bicycles we can carry and as with all sporting equipment bicycles are carried subject to space. 



If you wish to carry Sporting guns & ammunition, please note that the firearm should be in a lockable box and ammunition is carried in a separate lockable box (no more than 5kg per passenger is permitted).  The carriage of sporting firearms must be requested more than 72 hours before the flight is scheduled to depart.  Our team will send you a form to be completed then you will receive a further notification of approval for carriage.


There are several ways your musical instrument can travel.
Items measuring less than 55 x 36 x 20cm can part of your cabin baggage allowance.
Larger musical instruments, one per passenger, weighing less than 20kg, can be carried in the cabin when you purchase a seat for the item. The item will need to secured with a safety lap strap and must be next to you on the inside seat (next to the window). The centre of mass must not be more than 30cm above the seat cushion.

Please contact our Customer Care team if you wish to purchase a dedicated seat for your musical instrument.  Please note that no item of sporting equipment is permitted in the cabin.  For other musical instruments you will need to check them in as hold luggage in a suitable protective case.

We recommend adequate travel insurance is also obtained.


Please note that the carriage of sporting equipment is subject to space within the hold.  In the unlikely event we are unable to carry your equipment on the same flight we will send them on the next available service.


We recommend allowing extra time at the airport for check-in and using any airport specific oversized baggage facilities.